The Story of Zuri & Zima

Zuri and Zima are two extremely precious and special cats to my husband and I. They were the very first litter between Teddy and Nyxie and we were so excited. Unfortunately, life never goes as planned and there were complications and this led to us having to hand raise them from the moment they were born.

We had never handraised kittens before and it was extremely hard work! In the beginning you have to feed them every 2 hours, along with closely monitoring their temperature, making sure they’re burped and making them go potty. The first two weeks were so hard and we were so scared!

But then they started to grow, both physically and grow immensely in our hearts! We were smitten and soon realized that we could never sell them, as they were too precious and were literally our ‘fur children’!

All grown up. First Christmas. 🙂