Our sweet boy, our Teddybear. Teddy was the first bengal that we owned and he couldn’t possibly be anymore sweet than a cat can come. He is a Snow Mink Bengal with a beautiful cream coat and gorgeous big blue green eyes.

We named him Teddybear due to his sweet temperament and that he looked so perfect like a pristine and plush stuffed toy. He is extremely bonded to my husband Sebastian and whenever we have our nightly TV time on the couch, he is always right there with us cuddling and purring away. He has so far instilled his wonderful sweet temperament to all of his kittens and is a wonderful father cat that is very patient and playful with his children.

We received Teddy from the Aristocat Bengal cattery in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has tested negative for HCM, PRA and PK DEF. He is also registered with TICA.