Nyxie was the second addition to our Bengal family. She is a dainty and lovely brown sheet marble Bengal. Nyxie is very special as she carries for almost every color that a Bengal can have. She is also closer to the wild as she is an F4 Bengal.

Also one of the great things about sheet marble Bengals, is when paired with a rosetted cat, they can produce big and beautiful rosettes. Sheet Marbles are actually rosetted cats themselves, but their rosettes are so big they have inter-meshed together.

A lot of people don’t find marble Bengals as beautiful as their spotted relatives but we find our Nyxie gorgeous. She reminds us of a chocolate marbled cake.

Nyxie is extremely bonded to her mate Teddy and they love each other very much. Always cuddling and lovingly grooming each other. Nyxie is also negative for PRA and PK DEF and registered with TICA. She came from the same cattery as Teddy, Aristocat Bengals from Charlotte, NC.